Workshop MAK workshop

Workshop / Basics of installation of the work in the gallery space / for students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and VŠVU in Bratislava for the exhibition In Machine We Trust.

Date: March 2, 2020

Location: MAK Vienna

The aim of the workshop is to acquaint students with the basic techniques and methods of installing exhibition objects in the gallery space. Through practical exercises, students will test various methods and procedures of installation on site in the gallery. During the workshop students will learn how to to work with light, composition, dramaturgy in the gallery space. The result of the workshop will be the final installation of their own exhibition In Machine we Trust, presenting works and objects created by students within the TRUST in Digital Age project.



Mgr. art. Ing. Marián Laššák, ArtD.

Doc. Juraj Blasko, ArtD.


Participating students:

Ana Mumladze, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Lucy Carrick, Peter Várnai (University of Applied Arts Vienna)

Barbora Krejčová, Pavol Soukal, Martin Franzen, Juraj Olejár (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava)