Viktoria Arvayová Information overload

How has the current situation affected our plans? The work was created in response to the current situation in which we find ourselves. Closed at home with limited opportunities for social networking. Looking for answers how to confront this restrictive regime. How does it feel when we don't have to do "nothing"? It has put many of us in an unusual situation. People had to start thinking about their Plan B. But where can people seek help, advice and answers in these difficult times? For example, where most of the current events have taken place - on the Internet. Here you will find many gurus and mentors providing answers to your life questions. But is the internet the right place to look for answers to such important questions? The Internet gives us the ability to receive a large amount of information at once. However, we often cannot make the right choice from this information, many can contradict each other and ultimately can complicate our decisions even more. How important is critical thinking nowadays to be able to distinguish information correctly?

Finding answers on the Internet

 In my work, I worked with videos of various motivational speakers and mentors, which I chose as an example of videos that people can search when they are experiencing a crisis or looking for answers to various questions. By multiplying them, I created information smog, from which we can capture only certain fragments of information.

What is it like to be overloaded with information? (Information Overload)

 Information overload is something you have probably felt or dealt with at least once. It's a feeling you get when, after hours of searching the web, you find that you have so much data in your head that you can no longer think clearly. Information overload is a state of feeling overwhelmed by the volume of information to the point where one feels more confused than mastering a particular topic. Information overload can manifest itself as a brain fog and difficulties in making decisions. In general, information overload is the kind of stress you feel when you consume more information than can you "spend". We are starting to get irritated; we are no longer able to think clearly and even a smaller decision may appear like immense suffering. Decision-making becomes a real challenge.