Peter Leja Plan B / KEGA - č. 008VŠVU - 4/2021

We often attribute a deeper meaning to objects than they actually have. We create icons from them, which have a magical effect on us, but do not say anything about real values. Whether we are talking about religious objects, which we often senselessly assign spiritual value, or kitsch souvenirs. Many times they are just empty objects - unsightly tinsel that we are lured into. These objects became the inspiration for the Plan B project, in which I combine empty forms with photographs. Through the intersection of a 3D object and a 2D photograph, they acquire new meanings referring to a distorted reality and content emptiness.

The project is a part of the research and educational project KEGA - stARTup, a new concept of teaching author's design with regard to the applicability of graduates in practice no. 008VŠVU-4/2021