Pregnancy brings number of new changes and limitations, which I had the opportunity to directly observe on myself. It is often unbelievable how hormones can change thinking and behavior during the whole process. In the project, I describe myself as a superhero. A pregnant woman needs to put a lot more effort into activities that are common. After tying the laces on my shoes, I feel that I have overcome a difficult task. I also point to the society and how it perceives this situation. The views of both parties often clash because society has certain expectations and ideas, and when a pregnant woman feels that she does not meet them, she may feel uncomfortable and guilty. I incorporated the feelings of the pregnant into three phases of transformation of the superhero cloak, which can be adapted according to the feelings and needs:

1. a woman feels confident and proudly carries everything that belongs to pregnancy.

2. a feeling of "danger" arises, a woman needs to cover herself with her feelings.

3. complete physical and mental exhaustion will lead the woman into a closed intimate space, where she has peace and rest from all external impulses.