KRISTÍNA DZURIČKOVÁ It will be fine / KEGA - č. 008VŠVU - 4/2021

"Don't worry, it will pass", "After the rain, the sun will rise", "Maybe it was meant to be", if you embroider these words, it will be good. Repetitive manual action has therapeutic effects and can distract a person's attention so much that he is able to move away from gloomy thoughts, which I had the opportunity to verify on myself. I transformed my personal experience into a project that has the potential to transfer it to a wider group of users. The project went from a naive position to a product with a complex visual identity and custom typography in a few months. Just write to the email address and the interested party will receive an envelope by mail with everything they need to apply an encouraging phrase to any textile material.


The project is a part of the research and educational project KEGA - stARTup, a new concept of teaching author's design with regard to the applicability of graduates in practice no. 008VŠVU-4/2021