Kristína Dzuričková It will be fine

Working on "Plan B" has been closely linked to my personal life throughout the semester. Things happened to me that were not in my plan and I could not influence them. I was angry, scared, and worried. My beloved ones responded with the words: "Don't worry about it. Don't worry, it will pass. It will be fine, you will see! The sun rises after the rain…” These are words that carry a piece of truth, but in difficult moments they are not easy to listen to. So, I started writing down these phrases and looking for places and ways to write them all around me so that I would always keep these words in mind. I saw that working with my hands filled my long time which I would spend just thinking unnecessarily about something I can't change. So, I started with embroidering. It helped me to calm my mind, keep my hands and head busy, and even create something nice. Embroidery itself requires concentration and attention. That is why embroidery became an ideal tool that not only met the attributes of atrotherapy but also helped me to master the embroidered slogans, and during the whole process I was able to become more deeply aware of these words. I decided to move my embroidery designs further. I digitized the originals from the sketchbook, which I will then publish in printed form so that they can serve other users as well.