Erika Remencová PLAN_B_CULTURE

Plan B refers to crisis management. During the year 2020, many situations arose that required Plan B. Culture and its position were at the end of help not only from society but also from the state. With Plan B, I respond to the conditions in which the culture finds itself, creating a view of what it might look like if it used its knowledge in another profession.

SCAR what would happen if a textile designer sewed wounds in a hospital? Would he use a classic mattress stitch, or would he rather use what he learned in his textile practice?

BANDAGE The bandage is used in healthcare to bind up, create compression. But could the bandage have another function? Educating, referring to a specific situation, maybe to provoke discussion?


Plaster, as the fixation of a fracture attracts the attention of people around, but can gypsum look different? Can it also have an added function? And what would it look like if it were created by someone else than a paramedic?