Erik Vrábel Plan B

My concept I worked on deals with time. Its perception and flow. I am creating something in the style of a wall clock, but it won't show the exact time. I think that a person is too stressed by the exact time displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds. Therefore, I decided to create a luminous object consisting of LEDs, which should imitate the phases of the sky and the sun during the day. In the morning, during braking, these "clocks" light up, in the evening they get darker with the sunset. They should be connected to an application that will provide sunrises and sunsets in real time. The round diode "screen" will consist of color diodes, so in a digital raster it will imitate not only the intensity of light from the sky, but also its color. The name of this project is Sun.2.

The name indicates that the object is the second version of the sun. So, my work should help people to slow down a bit, stop stressing, go back to the past a bit, and follow our natural timepiece. This is my Plan B.